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Parcel and Freight Manifesting Software for SAP

In a short period of time you can be running on a powerful SAP-based shipping platform that uses state-of-the-art integration and communication technology to support over 50 major carriers located throughout the world. Activate shipping in your existing SAP system and start communicating directly with your favorite transportation partners.

Save time and money running a powerful, automated, fully integrated, real-time, easy-to-use shipping solution using your existing SAP system:

  • Create carrier-specific shipping labels and shipping documents
  • Integrate weighing scales, bar code scanners and printers
  • Assign and change carriers manually or automatically
  • Capture freight costs and tracking numbers
  • Execute real-time package tracking
  • Record proof of delivery (POD) information about your shipments
  • Email advance shipping notifications (ASNs) to customers
  • Validate shipping addresses

With the touch of a button, ship from warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing sites, offices and stores located throughout the world using our extensive network of carriers. This solution is suitable for many distribution scenarios, including high volume supply chains, regulated global transportation networks, cold-chain and hazardous material environments, B2C, B2B and third party distribution to support Amazon, Home Depot and the like.

Blue Harbors leads the way in SAP-based parcel and freight shipping, using native tools and best practices. Plain and simple pricing makes it easy to get started. Our plug-and-play shipping API and fantastic support program ensures smooth and reliable order fulfillment to your customers.

Business Process


(10) Create a sales order in SAP. If customer preferences are maintained on the customer master record, such as the desired carrier, service, payment terms and carrier account number, then this information is carried over onto the sales order as default values. These default values can be changed in the sales order if needed.

(20) Create a delivery referencing the sales order using, for example, the Delivery Due List.

(30) All warehouse management options offered by SAP are supported - Lean WM, standard WM, EWM, DWM, and even IM. Items are picked for the delivery and brought to the packing station.

(40) Pack items for each delivery using the SAP carrier-independent packing station. Scanners can be used to read barcoded information, such as delivery numbers, products, and packing materials.

Place products in a shipping carton or on a pallet. Scales can be integrated with SAP, weights for shipping cartons and pallets are captured during the packing process.

Once packing is complete, SAP requests a shipping label from the BH Express Shipping Portal. A response message from the portal is received real-time. The message includes images of the shipping labels and related shipping documents, tracking numbers and shipping costs. These messages can be routed through middleware, such as SAP Process Integrator (PI), if desired.

Shipping labels are printed on standard size 4x6” labels (4x8”) labels are also supported).

(50) A goods issue (GI) is posted for the delivery. The carrier and service can be changed directly on the delivery at any point prior to posting the GI. Once the GI is performed, delivery details cannot be changed.

The goods issue posting can trigger an advance shipping notification (ASN) to be emailed to the customer. Details about the delivery, including the number of packages in the shipment and the list of tracking numbers can be included in this message.

(60) After the carrier collects the shipment, you can track the status of a shipment directly in SAP from the delivery, sales order or SAP shipment document.

(70) Proof of Delivery (POD) details are available after the carrier delivers the shipment. This information can be stored in the delivery or shipment document in SAP. POD information includes the date and time stamp that the delivery was made, and the name of the person who signed for the shipment.

Integrated Shipping and Tracking for SAP

Key Features of the SAP Express Shipping Solution

  • Generate labels for all connected carriers in SAP
  • SAP Master Data Integration
  • Scale & Bar Code Scanning Support
  • Custom Shipping Preference Defaults
  • Rate Procurement with Real-Time Carrier Selection
  • Reverse Logistics Capabilities
  • Tracking Number Creation
  • Track Shipments in SAP
  • Day End Close Activities

List of Supported Carriers

The Express Shipping Solution supports the following carriers as well as many others for shipping and tracking.


  • USPS Domestic
  • USPS International
  • USPS Returns
  • USPS Cubic


  • UPS Domestic
  • UPS International
  • UPS Mail Innovations


  • FedEx Domestic
  • FedEx International
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • FedEx Returns

DHL Global Mail

  • DHL Global Mail Domestic
  • DHL Global Mail International
  • DHL Global Mail Flats

Canada Post

  • Canada Post Domestic
  • Canada Post International
  • Canada Post Returns


  • Canpar Ground
  • Canpar Overnight
  • Canpar Select
  • Canpar USA
  • Canpar International

Interlink Express

  • Interlink E.Domestic
  • Interlink E. International

La Poste

  • La Poste Tracking

DHL Express

  • DHL Express Domestic
  • DHL Express Worldwide
  • DHL Express Tracking


  • LaserShip Same Day
  • LaserShip Next Day
  • LaserShip Tracking


  • OnTrac Ground
  • OnTrac Overnight
  • OnTrac DirectPost
  • OnTrac Tracking


  • GSO Ground
  • GSO Overnight
  • GSO Tracking

  • Associated Global Systems Tracking

  • APC Rates
  • APC Labels
  • APC Tracking

  • Aramex Rates
  • Aramex Labels
  • Aramex International
  • Aramex Tracking

  • ArrowXL Rates
  • ArrowXL Labels
  • ArrowXL Tracking

  • Asendia Domestic
  • Asendia International
  • Asendia Tracking

  • Asendia HK Domestic
  • Asendia HK International
  • Asendia HK Tracking

  • Australia Post Domestic
  • Australia Post International
  • Australia Post Tracking

  • Bluedart Tracking

  • Boxberry Domestic
  • Boxberry Tracking

  • Cainiao Tracking

  • China Post Tracking

  • Chronopost Tracking

  • Colis Privé Domestic
  • Colis Privé International
  • Colis Privé Tracking

  • Colissimo Domestic
  • Colissimo International
  • Colissimo Tracking

  • Correios Tracking

  • Correos Chile Tracking

  • Correos Costa Rica Tracking

  • Delhivery Tracking

  • Deliv Domestic
  • Deliv Tracking

  • Deutsche Post Rates
  • Deutsche Post Domestic
  • Deutsche Post International
  • Deutsche Post Tracking

DHL Ecommerce Asia

  • DHL Ecommerce Asia Rates
  • DHL Ecommerce Asia Labels
  • DHL Ecommerce Asia Tracking

DHL Freight

  • DHL Freight Tracking

DHL Germany

  • DHL Germany Tracking

DHL GM International

  • DHL GM International International
  • DHL GM International Tracking


  • Dicom Rates
  • Dicom Labels
  • Dicom Tracking

Direct Link

  • Direct Link Registered
  • Direct Link Untracked
  • Direct Link Parcel
  • Direct Link Tracking


  • Dominos Tracking


  • Doorman Rates
  • Doorman Labels
  • Doorman Tracking


  • DPD Domestic
  • DPD International
  • DPD Tracking


  • DPD UK Domestic
  • DPD UK International
  • DPD UK Tracking

EC Firstclass

  • EC Firstclass Tracking

Ecom Express

  • Ecom Express Tracking


  • EMS Tracking


  • Fastway Parcel
  • Fastway Satchel
  • Fastway Tracking

Flyt Express

  • Flyt Express Tracking


  • Freipost Tracking


  • Globegistics Rates
  • Globegistics Labels
  • Globegistics Tracking


  • GLS Domestic
  • GLS International
  • GLS Tracking

Hong Kong Post

  • Hong Kong Post Domestic
  • Hong Kong Post Internation
al Hong Kong Post Tracking


  • IMEX Domestic
  • IMEX International
  • IMEX Tracking

India Post

  • India Post Tracking

International Bridge

  • International Bridge Tracking

Israel Post

  • Israel Post Tracking

JP Post

  • JP Post Tracking

Kuroneko Yamato

  • Kuroneko Yamato Tracking

Latvijas Pasts

  • Latvijas Pasts Tracking


  • Liefery Rates
  • Liefery Labels
  • Liefery Tracking


  • LSO Ground
  • LSO Priority
  • LSO SameDay
  • LSO Tracking

Nanjing Woyuan

  • Nanjing Woyuan Tracking


  • Network4 Rates
  • Network4 Labels
  • Network4 Tracking

New Zealand Post

  • New Zealand Post Domestic
  • New Zealand Post International
  • New Zealand Post Tracking

NZ Courier Post

  • NZ Courier Post Rates
  • NZ Courier Post Labels
  • NZ Courier Post Tracking


  • Norco Ground
  • Norco Overnight
  • Norco Tracking

Nova Poshta

  • Nova Poshta Tracking

OnTrac DirectPost

  • OnTrac DirectPost Domestic
  • OnTrac DirectPost Tracking

Orange DS

  • Orange DS Rates
  • Orange DS Labels
  • Orange DS Tracking


  • Parcelforce Domestic
  • Parcelforce International
  • Parcelforce Tracking

POS Malaysia

  • POS Malaysia Tracking


  • Posten Tracking


  • Postmates Domestic
  • Postmates Tracking


  • PostNL Domestic
  • PostNL International
  • PostNL Tracking


  • PostNord Tracking


  • Purolator Domestic
  • Purolator International
  • Purolator Tracking

Raven Post

  • Raven Post Tracking

R+L Carriers

  • R+L Carriers Tracking

Royal Mail

  • Royal Mail Domestic
  • Royal Mail International
  • Royal Mail 24/48
  • Royal Mail Tracked 24/48
  • Royal Mail Tracking

RR Donnelley

  • RR Donnelley Rates
  • RR Donnelley Labels
  • RR Donnelley Tracking

Singapore Post

  • Singapore Post Tracking

SMSA Express

  • SMSA Express Tracking


  • Spee-Dee Ground
  • Spee-Dee Tracking

Taiwan Post

  • Taiwan Post Tracking


  • TForce Rates
  • TForce Labels
  • TForce Tracking

TNT Express

  • TNT Express Global Express
  • TNT Express Economy Express
  • TNT Express Express Documents
  • TNT Express Tracking


  • Uber RUSH Domestic
  • Uber RUSH Tracking


  • UDS Rates
  • UDS Labels
  • UDS Tracking


  • Ukrposhta Tracking

USF Holland

  • USF Holland Tracking

Watkins & Shepard

  • Watkins & Shepard Tracking


  • wnDirect Tracking


  • Yanwen Tracking


  • Yodel Domestic
  • Yodel International
  • Yodel Tracking

Yun Express

  • Yun Express Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the carrier upgrades or changes their mapping schema? Will I still be able to generate shipping labels?

Periodically, a carrier may update their WSDL/API maps to add shipping functionality to their web services offerings. When this is done, the changes are backwards compatible, meaning that the older mapping is still supported by the carrier.

Is it necessary to communicate with the carrier over the internet each time a shipping label is generated? Does this lead to network performance issues? What is the average response time for generating a shipping label?

A call is made to the carrier each time a shipping label is required in SAP. Since no middleware exists between the SAP and the carrier's server (we use direct peer to peer encrypted communication), the round trip time for the call is quick — under two seconds on average. An additional 2-3 seconds may be required to route the image of the shipping label to the printer and print the label. This approach has been successful in high volume warehouses, where shipping volume exceeds 10,000 packages per day; still, no performance related issues were detected.

What happens if a carrier's server goes down? How often does this happen?

The carriers maintain near 100% uptime in their production environment. Cloud-based / SaaS computing allows the carriers to host multiple server clusters and server farms, giving them the ability to perform updates, add storage or new servers while minimizing the maintenance window.

Since SAP is communicating outside the corporate firewall, is the communication secure?

Messages to and from the carriers are routed through an encrypted SSL connection, and can additionally be routed through a proxy server if needed. Communication is always initiated from inside the firewall (from SAP), and never by the carrier. As a result, the data and systems are secure.

Resource Library

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